Free Consultation1

Free Consultation

An Specialist in California Solar Select creates a custom solar design and detailed solar proposal for your home, including an estimate of future savings and solar financing options. Let the excitement begin!
Design & Installation2

Design & Installation

We will design a unique solar energy system for your home, we will also send you 3D drafted drawing for your approval, obtain all necessary permits, and complete the installation.

We are competitive in pricing, quality, timing and efficiency.

We can discuss your budget, your current monthly expenses and the rebates available to you. There's always a way to finance solar byway of payments or a line of credit or in some cases, special programs provided by the state. We will explore the ultimate eligibility for your home.

For home

During our consultation process we will help you calculate how much you will spend on making this step.
We at California Solar Select have easy payment options for you!
You can easily track your Solar Energy Consumption with many options that are given during the consultation and installation process

For business


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About us

Our Company: California Solar Select - So Solar, So Life! With 10 years of electrical contracting and building background in Los Angeles, including several private and business sun based establishments, Absolutely Solar has the limit and assets to outline, specialist, allow and develop any housetop or ground-mounted utility-scale photovoltaic sun powered vitality office. California Solar Select has effectively created 6 MW AC of sun powered ranches in the Antelope Valley and at present has housetop frameworks totaling 8 MW AC being developed in both the Los Angeles DWP and Southern California Residential regions.

Why Choose Us?

  • Local Company
  • Competitive pricing
  • Outstanding support
  • Outstanding reviews
  • Licensed, Bonded & insured
  • The absolute BEST Solar products
  • Quickest installation
  • Longest warranty in the market
  • and much more...